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               Rodney Smith Photography


       Printed & digital

       We offer Professional Digital books for authors and

       publishers alike. Digital books can be used for any                                     Authors
       purpose and viewed on any device. Digital books can

       contain multimedia and be interactive. Content can contain

       Video, Slideshows, Links, Audio, Flash, and Html Video’s.

       E-books can be sold privately on your own web site, via

       Amazon, or on CD or memory stick. Content can be secured

       until payment received with added security. Books can also

       have a self destruct after a certain time period.

       Normal printed books available on request, including

       Wedding Books.

       Promote & Advertise

       We design new, bespoke, or re-designed publications to a

       high standard with interactive content  which make

        your digital publication more interesting and attractive to                                ‘EMAIL FOR EXAMPLES’

       your readers.
       Other features include the ability to add secure shopping

       carts within the publication, enabling shopping to be

       done from within it, and not just from your web site.
       Links and video, or animated pictures also add an element

       of interactivity, capturing the readers attention.

       Whatever you can think of, we can make it happen!.

       Publish to your own web site, saving the need to publish
       on monthly pay as you go magazine publishing sites.

        Digital ‘page turning’ Comics produced for you from pdf’s


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        copyright: Rodney Smith Photography
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